27 May

The Yankees Are Winning Again

What An awful 13 days of baseball from the New York Yankees. We just witnessed them go 1-10 in 11 games before the most recent two.

It was fairly brutal to witness, experience, and be a part of to say the least. Me and Veronica tend to live and die with each pitch, so you can imagine we must have 9 or 10 lives. We did a lot of dying, for those who didn’t pick that up.

The Bombers went from 4.0 games up in the American League east, to now tied for first with Tampa. And were even 1.5gb at one point just two days ago.

But, happier times abound and the faith is starting to creep back into the surface as they have now won 2 straight games against the league’s best team. The Yankees erupted for 14 runs last night, and the pitching FINALLY held a lead.

Tonight Adam Warren pitched a very solid 6.1 innings of only 2 hit ball. Yankees took the victory 5-1 on the back of Big Tex, Mark Teixeira.

Mark started the fray with a two run homerun in the first and a two run triple in the sixth inning. Funny seeing him get a triple, but we’ll take it!

With these two wins, we can now return back to some normalcy with being 2 games over .500. I thought we may be reverting back to worse times such as last year. This time showed a strong potential to be a really great team in the american league. Its an absolute shame that they hit the kind of losing stride that they did.

We can only look towards a brighter and more impactful future, as I really hope they are able to get on a little run now. Masahiro Tanaka is on his way back. Ivan Nova is on the horizon as well.

If we can get Michael Pineda back into form and try to erase that awful start by CC Sabathia, then this time might round out into decent shape. The rotation will definitely be solid if all the pitchers perform even just to their capabilities.

Heck if they do that we might have the best starting 5 in the whole League..

Anywho, My mind is starting to veer off into fantasy land now. The yankees are going for the sweep tomorrow afternoon at 1:05pm eastern standard time. Lets go yankees!