6 May

Michael Pineda Dominates the Blue Jays

Wow what a performance by the Yankees New Ace Michael Pineda! This dude was straight dominant last night.

Pineda’s Line reads: 8.0 IP, 5 H, 0 Runs, 1 Walk, and 5 Strikeouts to lower his Season’s ERA down to 2.97.

He started off with a little rust in the first couple innings but shook it off quickly to absolutely sail through the rest of the game against the struggling Toronto Blue Jays.

The only trouble he got into was in the 3rd inning, but proved to be only minor trouble.

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Ellsbury continues his torrid start to the year going 3-5 with 2 runs scored and a ribbie.

Mark Texeira who is having a bounce back season added a 2 run homerun to seal the deal for the yankees as they collected a 6-3 victory. Joe Girardi made a comment about starters who make 30 starts per year typically only have their best stuff for about 10 of those starts, the rest are grind it out, battle type starts.

.. Pineda fell into the second department but man was he dealing.

It just goes to show talented of a young arm he currently is. Even when he doesn’t have his absolute best, He can shut a team out for 8 innings haha!

The comeback kid and underdog story of the year – Alex Rodriguez provided two RBI’s early in the first after Jacoby and Gardner leaded the game off at 2nd and 3rd base.

This victory put the yankees at 17-10, with the chance to win a sixth consecutive series. The last time they won 6 series in a row was back in 2011 (when they actually had hitter in that lineup – i kid). They won seven consecutive series that year.

It’s really starting to shape up as a good year folks. Veronica and I are really excited about what we see, mostly from the patience this lineup is showing. Last year was absolutely brutal to watch as the offense seemed to only put up 2 runs per game.

Its a different story thus far though. The offense is averaging more than 5 a game, theres been clutch hits, 2 out hits and just an overall stronger feeling offense. Could Arod have been the key? Who knows but whatever is going on now feels nice.

Be on the Lookout for Jose Pirela as he may be making his season debut tonight. Stephen Drew is terrible at the plate so he may see less playing time to allow this awesome bat get more reps in the lineup.

Looking forward to tonights rubbermatch at 7pm EST. CC looking for his first win..whatta bumb. Oh well – Lets Go Yanks!