11 May

He Does it Again

So, in an effort not to make this look like it’s becoming a blog about Michael Pineda I would like to make this disclaimer:

Note – This will have posts about other teams and players but holy cow Michael Pineda was dealing last night, so We just have to talk about it today. You’ll be okay, we promise.

#BigMike or Michael Pineda showed the New York Yankees who their ace is last night. There is simply not debate anymore. He put a stamp on a great series for the yankees as they took 3 out of 4 from the baltimore orioles.

Pineda moves to 5-0 on the year in 7 starts after a ridiculous pitching line: 7.0 ip, 6 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, and 16 K’s!!!!!

I will absolutely NOT be missing his next home start. In fact i might just make a complete celebration of it all. My friend Justin owns a Luxury Limo Service company in Nassau County, so I’ll rent a limo, pop some champagne and take that bad boy out to watch Pineda. Yes Folks, its gotten that good!

You’ve got to be kidding me. 16 strikeouts in 7 innings, wow. He becomes only the 4th yankee to amass 16 or more strikeouts in their history and fell just 2 shy of Guidry’s 18 mark.

Without Masahiro Tanaka, Ivan Nova, and CC struggling, Pineda is really shining bright while keeping the yankees afloat until the reinforcements arrive.

Girardi stressed the fact that he has had shoulder injuries in the past, as reason to pulling him out in the 7th. It is still early in the season, and he’d ultimately like to have him for the long haul throwing this straight fire into the playoffs.

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21 Jul

Happier with My team

Ever Since the Last Rant Post on This Blog, Veronica and I can officially say we have been much “happier” with the team. There is little doubt that the team overall is a big mystery, but we can definitely say we have calmed down a bit in the past month.

The Yankees have shown some great signs lately, a lot of grit and at TIMES some good pitching. Coming into the season I would have never imagined that the most worrisome part of the team would come from the starting rotation.

Then again, maybe that was just poor judgement on my part. The rotation did not have a single foundation piece that you could point to and feel 100% confident in. Tanaka coming off injury, Pineda with a long history of injury, CC coming off the worst 3 stretch ever (still continuing smh), Nova coming back from Tommy John, Eovaldi who throws hard for show, Warren who was great in the bullpen but had no track record of starting.

Of this group, Pineda and Warren had the most consistency – that was surprising. But of course the yankees in old fashion yankee ways decided hey lets lose one of our most consistent starters and opt to leave our LEAST consistent pitcher in the rotation. Im looking at you Sabathia.

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17 Jun

A Mini Yankees Rant

Hi Ya’ll! This is Veronica making my FIRST post on this blog. I am Super excited to finally get around to writing for you all! Unfortunately this first post comes on the heels on yet ANOTHER low point in the yankees season.

Does anyone have an explanation as to why this team is so bi-polar? I mean for Christ’s sake! We win seven in a row, look like a formidable team again and now lose five out of the last six games to fall in the division?

It is absolutely brutal to watch this team. Its become a mind bang! The starting rotation should be much more solid than it has been by this point in the season.

Nathan Eovaldi allowing eight runs in less than ONE inning is unacceptable! This man needs to get it together, or the Yankees need to get rid of him. His earned Run average is atrocious, and a disgrace. Same can be said for CC Sabathia.

I really hope Ivan Nova is the answer to the pitching problems. I dont have high hopes for that being the case, but the Kid is talented and threw really well the year before Tommy John surgery.

It feels like the only offense we can count on these days comes from Mark Teixeira. Brett Gardner has looked like a fool hitting in the leadoff spot, and I dont think Ellsbury’s return (who knows when that will be with his fragile ass) will impact things that much. Brett shows so many great signs early in the year with the bat, then goes into his frigid cold streaks. Is he even batting .270 anymore?

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27 May

The Yankees Are Winning Again

What An awful 13 days of baseball from the New York Yankees. We just witnessed them go 1-10 in 11 games before the most recent two.

It was fairly brutal to witness, experience, and be a part of to say the least. Me and Veronica tend to live and die with each pitch, so you can imagine we must have 9 or 10 lives. We did a lot of dying, for those who didn’t pick that up.

The Bombers went from 4.0 games up in the American League east, to now tied for first with Tampa. And were even 1.5gb at one point just two days ago.

But, happier times abound and the faith is starting to creep back into the surface as they have now won 2 straight games against the league’s best team. The Yankees erupted for 14 runs last night, and the pitching FINALLY held a lead.

Tonight Adam Warren pitched a very solid 6.1 innings of only 2 hit ball. Yankees took the victory 5-1 on the back of Big Tex, Mark Teixeira.

Mark started the fray with a two run homerun in the first and a two run triple in the sixth inning. Funny seeing him get a triple, but we’ll take it!

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6 May

Michael Pineda Dominates the Blue Jays

Wow what a performance by the Yankees New Ace Michael Pineda! This dude was straight dominant last night.

Pineda’s Line reads: 8.0 IP, 5 H, 0 Runs, 1 Walk, and 5 Strikeouts to lower his Season’s ERA down to 2.97.

He started off with a little rust in the first couple innings but shook it off quickly to absolutely sail through the rest of the game against the struggling Toronto Blue Jays.

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