21 Jul

Happier with My team

Ever Since the Last Rant Post on This Blog, Veronica and I can officially say we have been much “happier” with the team. There is little doubt that the team overall is a big mystery, but we can definitely say we have calmed down a bit in the past month.

The Yankees have shown some great signs lately, a lot of grit and at TIMES some good pitching. Coming into the season I would have never imagined that the most worrisome part of the team would come from the starting rotation.

Then again, maybe that was just poor judgement on my part. The rotation did not have a single foundation piece that you could point to and feel 100% confident in. Tanaka coming off injury, Pineda with a long history of injury, CC coming off the worst 3 stretch ever (still continuing smh), Nova coming back from Tommy John, Eovaldi who throws hard for show, Warren who was great in the bullpen but had no track record of starting.

Of this group, Pineda and Warren had the most consistency – that was surprising. But of course the yankees in old fashion yankee ways decided hey lets lose one of our most consistent starters and opt to leave our LEAST consistent pitcher in the rotation. Im looking at you Sabathia.

Do not get me wrong, Sabathia has done some great things for the yankees, especially his first 3 years and that 2009 season. He was beloved by the fans, and clearly the team. He earned a lot of respect. But time waits for no man, and after the outings he has endured – the team, fans, and coaching staff have to realize some kind of shake up is needed.

We dont need to designate him for assignment or anything disrespectful like that. Plus hes making about $24 million yearly lol. But a long reliever role may have prompted CC to narrow his focus a bit to just a few pitches. Work with what he has to maybe reinvent his game.

I do not think it was such a stretch to have him do so. If it worked out, then you put a reinvigorated and reinvented Sabathia back into the rotation where he could be a solid 3 or 4 like Andy Pettitte became late in his career.


The Offense Has Held Their Own

Mark Teixeira, Arod, Gardner (Who earned himself an allstar appearance with that month of June he had), and to some extent Brian Mccann have all been very solid contributors for the yankees this year. You’d like to see better averages and more consistency with men on base – but overall you’ve got to be happy with their production.

Im intrigued to see them in postseason play. I would expect and truly hope they get super locked in during the playoffs and make it tough on opposing pitchers. They are all veterans who have “been there.”

Lets look forward to a good second half with mostly home games on the schedule. It should be a great ride, unless of course that starting rotation just collapses again.