17 Jun

A Mini Yankees Rant

Hi Ya’ll! This is Veronica making my FIRST post on this blog. I am Super excited to finally get around to writing for you all! Unfortunately this first post comes on the heels on yet ANOTHER low point in the yankees season.

Does anyone have an explanation as to why this team is so bi-polar? I mean for Christ’s sake! We win seven in a row, look like a formidable team again and now lose five out of the last six games to fall in the division?

It is absolutely brutal to watch this team. Its become a mind bang! The starting rotation should be much more solid than it has been by this point in the season.

Nathan Eovaldi allowing eight runs in less than ONE inning is unacceptable! This man needs to get it together, or the Yankees need to get rid of him. His earned Run average is atrocious, and a disgrace. Same can be said for CC Sabathia.

I really hope Ivan Nova is the answer to the pitching problems. I dont have high hopes for that being the case, but the Kid is talented and threw really well the year before Tommy John surgery.

It feels like the only offense we can count on these days comes from Mark Teixeira. Brett Gardner has looked like a fool hitting in the leadoff spot, and I dont think Ellsbury’s return (who knows when that will be with his fragile ass) will impact things that much. Brett shows so many great signs early in the year with the bat, then goes into his frigid cold streaks. Is he even batting .270 anymore?

If it sounds like I hate the yankees, well then thats correct. I cant stand them right now. Where is this team’s identity? You’re either going to be a solid team and play like one, or you’re going to be mediocre who fights for the second wild card – you cant be both!


I pray for a solid second half, a more stable second half. Regardless of which way they skew. As a woman, I go through enough emotional peaks and valleys, I don’t need my favorite team adding extra stress into my life!

Okay, Thank you for reading as Im sure many of you feel the same way right now. Hopefully my next post will be of better cheer LOL. Here’s to arod’s 3000th hit at the stadium!